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An Eye in the Crowd

Title: An Eye in the Crowd
Rating: PG
Summary: Ever since losing her sight, Martha has not been fond of large crowds.
Prompts: "Strangers" for crossovers100 and "agoraphobia" for 7_crossovers.
Disclaimer: The BBC owns "Doctor Who" and all related characters; Warner Bors owns "Smallville" and all related characters; I own nothing.
Note: Set after Suddenly I See.

Ever since losing her sight, Martha was not fond of large crowds. She wasn’t afraid of them exactly, she just didn’t like the idea of large numbers of strangers surging around her, making it difficult to distinguish one person from another. Even with the specialized glasses she now wore that allowed her to see, she tried to avoid crowds if she could help it. Unfortunately, there were times when she was the most convenient member of the Justice Society to do reconnaissance work. She rarely went out as Doctor Midnight, making her one of the least-recognizable members of the organization.

“You owe me,” she muttered, knowing that Carter and Courtney would hear her. She was in New York City, on a recruiting job for the Society. There had been a pair of twins by the name of Jayna and Zan that had been operating in Metropolis not too long ago, but they had been spotted again in New York recently. There had been discussions about possibly asking them to join the league, but before they extended a formal invitation, it had been decided to see what exactly the twins could do.

“I’ll buy you a nice dinner,” Carter replied, amusement in his voice.

“Oh, you owe me more than dinner. A day at the spa, at least,” Martha replied, slipping in to an old argument between them. In the background, she could hear Courtney laughing and saying something about winning a bet with Ted. “And don’t tell me you’re just a poor archeologist. You can afford it, mister I-have access-to-all-my-funds-from-my-previous-lives. Like I said, you owe me.”

“Touché,” Courtney said, over Carter’s protestations against Martha’s claim. Smiling, Martha scanned the crowd around her, trying to spy one of the twins.

Martha’s sharp hearing picked up the faint sound of a scream. Turning towards the noise, she carefully started walking towards it, trying to the illusion that she was sightless and not move too quickly.

“I have a visual,” Martha muttered as she approached the scene. A wave of water roared around two men wearing ski masks, while a third was being held down by a snarling tiger. “Although I seem to have missed most of the action.”

“Keep watching until the police come,” Carter ordered. “And then get back to the hotel and we’ll discuss our next move.”

“On it, then,” Martha answered, adjusting her grip on her white-tipped cane and sitting down on a nearby bench. “And while we’re discussing whether or not we want to invite them to join, we can talk about my day at the spa. I’m sure you owe Courtney something along those lines as well.”

Carter began cursing in ancient Egyptian, causing Martha to smile. Maybe going out in crowds had its perks some times.
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